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Inclusion and diversity at BD

At BD, we acknowledge value and respect inclusion and diversity as a key pillar of our culture and success. This helps to make BD the right place for all employees and removes barriers to ensure that every associate has the potential to succeed in reaching their personal and professional goals.
Our people reflect the communities we live and work in, the customers and patients we serve, and our broad range of thought and experience. Their diversity is an integral part of our success.
We acknowledge that diversity comes in many forms and means respect for and appreciate of differences in ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education and religion.
As a global company, BD works to achieve the following goals:

  • Incorporate inclusion and diversity into everyday conversations and behaviours while remaining accountable for meaningful change through role modelling
  • Equip and educate leaders and adapt regionally relevant, family-friendly policies and programs for new ways to get work done in support of a more engaged and dynamic workplace for all associates
  • Create competitive business advantage through increased leadership focus on the attraction, development and retention of diverse associates
  • Build inclusion and diversity as a critical element of our success, training and developing associates to bring about lasting and meaningful change
  • Set the highest-level company benchmark, collect, analyse and apply data on employee hiring, retention, succession and perceptions while holding ourselves accountable by measuring progress

BD Australia and New Zealand Inclusion and Diversity

BD Australia and New Zealand ‘BD ANZ’ has an active Inclusion and Diversity Team operating to further our Inclusion and Diversity initiatives. The ANZ Inclusion and Diversity Charter is:

BD ANZ recognizes and endorses the philosophy of a diverse workforce and the benefits that this brings to our customers, our organization and the wider communities in which we are active.

BD ANZ defines our diversity as representing and valuing the differences in our wide range of personal characteristics, including differing thoughts and backgrounds.

BD ANZ will continuously leverage diversity in all its activities to drive successful outcomes and to create a culture of inclusivity and acceptance, to further assist our equally diverse customers and the community we serve.

Workplace Gender Equality

“We are committed to create and maintain a best-in-class work environment in which women are engaged, encouraged and enabled to use their talents and to thrive in leadership across the company”, Hilary Crilly, Managing Director for BD in Australia and New Zealand.

BD Australia is proud of its history of engagement with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency ‘WGEA’. In 2016 for the third year we are recognised as a WGEA citation holder. 106 organisations received this citation in 2016, up from 90 in 2015 and 76 in 2014. The WGEA citation recognises organisations that have demonstrated an active commitment to gender equality in their workplace.

WGEA Director Libby Lyons addressed BD ANZ associates directly in November 2016, this emphasising the significance of workplace gender equality as an element of inclusion and diversity.

BD globally and in ANZ has an active Women’s Initiative Network ‘WIN’, an employee-led initiative that drives support of the goal to build greater gender diversity at all levels of the organisation.

BD Australia is a member of the Medical Technology Association of Australia ‘MTAA’ and supporter of the MTAA Women in MedTech program which aims to “lead the debate and promote the benefits of gender diversity in the workplace and within the Medtech industry.”