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BD PureCoat™ - 2 semaines supplémentaires pour tester …. N’hésitez pas !

Evaluate BD PureCoat™ free of charge

Request samples of BD PureCoat™ here*. Alternatively, contact BD directly.

Please allow 14 days for delivery of samples. If the product is temporarily unavailable we will inform you. No purchase required.

This offer is valid until March 15th

BD PureCoat™ the next generation of advanced cell

culture surfaces

The general situations where BD PureCoat™ will help are:


In serum-reduced, serum-free and defined media culture



Post-thaw recovery of cells with poor attachment



Cell based assays using transfected cells and wash steps


Primary cell culture, neuronal cell culture, mesenchymal

stem cell culture


Where an enhanced animal-free surface is required

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BD PureCoat™

Application note

Neuronal cells
Cell based assays
Various cell lines



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