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Introducing the new BD FACSVerse™

What's really exciting is what's behind it

The innovations incorporated in the new BD FACSVerse™ are on everyone’s wish list, from the intelligence built into the new BD FACSuite™ software to ingenious automation delivered in the optional Universal Loader.

Simplified Workflow
BD FACSuite software users can complete key workflow tasks at the click of a button, from the automated instrument setup, through sample acquisition and data analysis using pre-defined or user-defined assay templates, to programmable system shutdown.

Intelligence built in
Save time every day with less frequent and simplified compensation. Built-in microprocessors automatically detect the optical configuration – yet another way that the BD FACSVerse system ensures the reliability of your results.

Ultimate flexibility
Available in 4-,6-, and  8-color configurations and fully field upgradeable, the BD FACSVerse supports your current and future applications. The Universal Loader option provides walk-away operation with samples loaded in a wide choice of sample input tubes and plates.


                                                    Simply Brilliant.