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Statement on FDA Safety Alert About Compounded Drugs Stored in BD 3mL and 5mL Syringes

On Aug. 18, 2015, the FDA issued a safety alert for BD’s 3mL and 5mL general use plastic syringes related to reduced drug potency. BD’s 3mL and 5mL plastic syringes are not to be used for drug storage, but rather are indicated as fluid aspiration and injection devices. BD syringes are safe when used as indicated.

The safety alert is relevant to a small percentage of customers, such as drug compounders, who are storing certain types of medications in the syringes. Decreased potency has only been reported in general use plastic syringes, primarily in 3mL and 5mL sizes, and appears to be related to BD’s alternate supplier for the plunger’s stopper. These syringes are not intended or FDA-cleared for drug storage.

BD shares the FDA’s vigilance to educate healthcare providers about the proper use of its products to ensure safe medication practices and the safety of patients. On July 31, BD reached out to customers to inform them of potential issues with drug storage. BD will continue to diligently investigate the matter while transparently communicating relevant information in a timely manner.

This safety alert does not pertain to BD prefilled, prefillable, heparin flush, saline flush or insulin syringes.

UPDATE: All of BD’s 3mL and 5mL general use syringe configurations that are commercially available in the US, Canada and Europe are once again manufactured with stoppers sourced solely from BD’s primary stopper supplier.

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